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Wireless Microphon G-MARK EW100 Professional UHF Karaoke Handheld Mic Frequency Adjustable 50M For Party Show Stage Wedding

Wireless Microphon G-MARK EW100 Professional UHF Karaoke Handheld Mic Frequency Adjustable 50M For Party Show Stage Wedding

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Diaphragm: S-Mall

Communication: Wireless

Brand Name: G-MARK

Style: Handheld Microphone

Package: Yes

Set Type: Multi-Microphone Kits

Polar Patterns: Uni-directional

Transducer: Dynamic Microphone

Use: Stage Performance Wireless Microphone

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Certification: WEEE

Choice: yes

Frequency Adjustable:
Dual UHF wireless microphone system with selectable frequency: 520-560MHz. Employs PLL frequency synthesized technology to provide hassle-free sound transmission, minimum dropouts, and maximum feedback rejection. Smooth and quick IR synchronization. Long range operation of 100ft – 150ft line of sight.
Anti-interference feature:
karaoke wireless microphone equips with auto scan function, which enables system to search for the least interference channel to pair up with transmitters. 2 antennas design increases anti-interference ability and decreases interference between each channel.
G-MARK Proprietary Capsule:
The dynamic microphone's capsule of each microphone is developed and manufactured by G-MARK and is printed with the G-MARK logo. The high-quality core effectively limits feedback and interference, picks up sound smoothly and transmits it with ease. Provides clear, powerful, best true sound.
Microphone Easy to Use, Plug and Play, Automatic Pairing:
Plug the receiver into the MIC jack Only , but not into the AUX jack. Then turn on the entire system, the receiver will automatically synchronize its frequency with the microphones. Adjustable Volume Control. Perfect for indoor, outdoor, karaoke, party, church, meeting, wedding, speech, class, opening ceremony, promotion, DJ, small live performance on stage, professional engagement or religious event, etc.
Devoted Service:Genuine G-MARK Microphone comes with 12-month manufacturer assurance and supportive customer service. Welcome to come to us for troubleshooting or replacement of discontinuous/defective parts.
How to adjust the frequency of EW100 wireless microphone:
1. Open the battery cover of the microphone
2. After pressing the button once, the frequency of the handheld microphone will change
3. When the frequency on the receiver is consistent with the frequency of the handheld microphone, the frequency adjustment is completed.

Professional Wireless Microphone Karaoke G-MARK EW100 UHF Handheld Mic Frequency Adjustable 50M For Party Show Stage Wedding Church

1.Dual channel dual antenna receive signal design ,Frequency lightning adjustable
2.UHF band transmission signal, the frequency can be adjusted, the frequency range is between 520-580MHz
3.Receiver and transmitter are equipped with VA LCD display, working state at a glance
4.The back of the receiver is equipped with 2 rubber antennas to enhance the received signal and highlight the appearance of high-grade
5.Contained one 6.3mm outputs and one balanced output, suitable for connecting a variety of external devices
6.Microphone power consumption is 130mA, using 1.5V AA*2 rechargeable battery power supply, can be used for more than 6 hours 7.Using distance: about 100 meters
8.Audio and data use 32bit encryption transmission and independent ID code, effectively prevent crosstalk and interference
9.Transmitter and receiver use 8bit encryption infrared transmission synchronization mode
10.The receiver can observe the battery working state of the transmitter with a glance
11.Use high fidelity moving coil microphone capsule, so that your voice is more clear and real


System parameters:

Audio frequency response: 50Hz-18KHz

Dynamic range: ge 80dB

System distortion: le1%

Signal to noise ratio: ge 60dB

Ideal distance: 80m

Operating temperature range: 5 ℃ -4.5 ℃

Carrier frequency range:520-560 MHz


Frequency stability: plusmn 0.005%

Carrier output power: le 30Mw

Spurious radiation suppression:>40dB

Modulation: FM

Maximum modulation: More 75KHz

Pickup mode: Dynamic microphone

Use power: 1.5V Battery power

consumption: <30mA

Volume: Ф37X 250mm (hand-held microphone)


Receiver sensitivity: <2muV Mirror

suppression:> 40dB

To increase: 50muS

Audio output impedance: 600Omega

Audio output level: 0-0.5V

Use power: AC110-240V 50 / 60Hz

Power consumption: 3W

Volume: 420X210X45mm

Package Included:

1 Wireless Receiver,

2 UHF Wireless Handheld Microphones,

1 1/4" Audio Cable,

1 power adapter,

2 Antennas,

2 Roll Rings,

1 x User Manual


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