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UM22C Audio Interface 32bit/768KHz Professional Recording USB-C Sound Card for Guitar Studio Podcast Producer Vocalist Streaming

UM22C Audio Interface 32bit/768KHz Professional Recording USB-C Sound Card for Guitar Studio Podcast Producer Vocalist Streaming

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Brand Name: DGNOG

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Type: Recording Kits

Model Number: UM22C

Signal to Noise Ratio: 115dB

Mic adjustable gain: +40dB

S/(N+D): 106 dB

ADC/DAC Sampling Rate: 16-32Bit & 8kHz - 768kHz

Asio recording output: 16-32Bit & 44.1kHz - 192kHz

Monitor output: 16ohm or 32ohm earphones, Max Power 220mW

【Exceptional Sound Quality & High-Resolution Recording】- The UM22C audio interface adopts ADC/DAC conversion IC from AsahiKASEI, Japan, with fully differential inputs, supporting high-resolution recording up to 32-bit/192 kHz. With a signal-to-noise ratio of up to 115dB, it enables capturing every subtle nuance of audio, delivering outstanding sound quality and ensuring delicate and authentic recordings.

【Digital Signal Processing & Real-time Monitoring】- Leveraging the DSP chip from Analog Devices, Inc., USA, the UM22C achieves enhanced dynamic balance. Integrated with digital signal processing effects, it enables ultra-low latency, allowing real-time audio processing during recording. Furthermore, the monitoring output supports 16-ohm or 32-ohm headphones with a maximum power of 220mW, perfectly catering to professional monitoring needs.

【AIR Sound Processing Mode】- The UM22C interface features a unique AIR mode that infuses natural airiness and spaciousness into the audio, rendering sound more authentic, three-dimensional, and lifelike. By fine-tuning the high-frequency range, reverb characteristics, and expanding the soundstage and depth, it elevates your creative work whether recording music or engaging in sound design, introducing novel layers and texture.

【Zero Base Noise】-  Uncover the realm of pure sound, devoid of disturbances! The UM22C presents an ultra-low 0 base noise, ensuring your recordings and playback remain clear and authentic. Focusing on the audio's details eliminates the need for post-processing fixes. From music production to sound design, it flawlessly showcases your creativity. Embark on an elevated audio journey right away!

【Stable Transmission and Compatibility】-Featuring a USB-C 3.0 connection, the UM22C provides stable transmission and exceptional compatibility. With swift data transfer, low latency, and high-resolution audio support, it crafts a superior audio experience. Moreover, the UM22C is compatible with both Windows and MacOS systems, granting you greater flexibility and convenience for your audio recording and creative endeavors.

Product parameters:
Signal to Noise Ratio:115dB
Mic adjustable gain:+40dB
S/(N+D): 106 dB
ADC/DAC Sampling Rate:16-32Bit & 8kHz - 768kHz
Asio recording output:16-32Bit & 44.1kHz - 192kHz
Monitor output:16ohm or 32ohm earphones, Max Power 220mW



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