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New Design Powered Audio Mixer With Great Price

New Design Powered Audio Mixer With Great Price

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Brand Name: Vieruodis

Maximum Power Per Channel: 6w

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: TKL

Model Number: T12-27

Power: general use

Frequency Range (Hz): 63Hz-15KHz

Product Name: powered audio mixer

Color: Black

Application: Disco\Bar\Club\Home

Material: Metal

Use: Outdoor Perfornance

Channel: 12 Channels

Delivery time: 7 Work Days

Feature: Perfect Sound

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Products Description
Products Description
Product name
New Design Powered Audio Mixer With Great Price
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A Channel input section
1.Microphone input
Balance the XLR (card) input to connect a standard card connector. After turning on the phantom power switch,Each microphone input socket is powered by +48V phantom power.
2. Line input
Unbalanced socket that accepts various unbalanced or balanced high-level source signals.
3. Gain control
Sets the volume of the microphone or line input signal supplied to this channel. This knob is used to adjust the microphone and line input The sensitivity of the signal, which causes the external signal to be adjusted to the desired internal control level.
4. Peak indicator
When it is lit, it indicates that the input signal is too large and is distorted after entering the mixer.
5. Attenuation PAD
When the input signal is too large, for example, the indicator PEAK is already lit, you can press this switch to attenuate the input signal.20dB.
6. Treble control
To control the high-band signal of this channel, please adjust the knob to 12 o'clock position,you can listen to the bit according to the speaker.Set and listen to the taste of the listener to control the signal and boost or attenuate the signal control of the channel.
7. Midrange control
To control the mid-range signal of this channel, adjust the knob to the 12 o'clock position.
You can listen to the bit according to the speaker.Set and listen to the taste of the listener to control the signal and boost or attenuate the signal control of the channel.
8. Bass control
To control the low band signal of this channel, please adjust the knob to 12 o'clock position, you can listen to the bit according to the speaker.Set and listen to the taste of the listener to control the signal and boost or attenuate the signal control of the channel. Enhances bass drum and bass.The effect of the instrument and other instruments.
9. Aux Send
This knob is used to control the size of the auxiliary transmit signal of this channel. This signal is controlled by the main control AUX SEND knob.Send to an external device, such as an effect.
10. Effect sending
When you want to use the in-vivo effect, use this knob to control the input signal that this channel enters into the on-board effect adjustment.
11. Sound image localization
This knob is used to adjust the left and right distribution of the sound source. It is very important for the mixer to create stereo output.
12. Silent switch
Therefore, if the output channel is enabled, the mute switch will be released. If the channel is required to be muted press this switch and it will be cut.Break all output signals of this channel.
13. Monitor switch
The switch is used to monitor the channel fader signal. When the switch is pressed, the pre-fader signal of the channel is output to the earphone plug.The port and lead output jacks are used for monitoring.
14. Stereo changeover switch
This switch outputs the signal to the left and right busbars of the stereo.
15. Group changeover switch
This switch outputs the channel signal to the group 1-2 bus.
16. Channel volume attenuation fader
It is used to adjust the proportion of the sound of the road in the mix. The upward push is large and the push down is small. Can also adjust thisThe far and near distribution of the road sound source, pushing up the sound is large, which is equivalent to placing the sound source at a relativelyclose position, and pulling down The sound is small, which is equivalent to sounding the sound source at a farther position.
B Main output part
17. Display
The effect type of the PROGRAM knob selection and the MP3 multimedia player are the current status.
18. Effect fine adjustment knob
You can adjust the parameters of the effect, such as feedback amount, time, and so on.
19. Multimedia player function keys
20. Press play/pause
21. Next/Previous: Change music tracks or change
22. Bluetooth switch
When using Bluetooth, press this switch; if you don't need Bluetooth, switch it.
21. Effect selection knob
Choose one of 16 internal effects. For more information on the front internal effects, see the silkscreen type on the top of the display.
22. Stereo graphic equalizer
The 2X7-band equalizer provides seven frequency tone controls per channel and is finally controlled by precise high quality tones.
23. Output level indicator
This is a level meter showing the placement level and operation of the left and right channels. So you can pass this main power The flat indicator sees the output condition.
The LED indicates whether the power is "No" or "Off".
24. Equalizer switch
When the equalizer switch rises, the equalizer can be turned off; when the equalizer switch falls, the equalizer is normally used.
25. Effect to assist
The FX to AUX control is used to indicate the signal to the auxiliary output. If the controller keeps turning left, you won’t hear the effect signal.
26. Return control
The external device signal is input through the auxiliary return jack. After this knob, the level input amount is controlled to return to the main output.
27. Headphone volume control
The signal volume control is sent to the headset and the main monitor.
28. Auxiliary control
Adjust the signal level sent from the internal digital effect signal to AUX.
29. Grouping, stereo switch
When this switch is high, the stereo output signal can be monitored. When this switch is turned down, the group G1-2 output signal can be monitored.
30. Grouping to stereo switch
This switch routes the grouped G1-2 mixed output to the stereo bus so that it is grouped without stereo
The G1-2 bus can be mixed into two outputs using two.
31. In-flight effect fader
With this control, you can adjust the amount of level at which the effect signal level returns
to the main output.
32. Group G1-2 faders
Adjust the signal level sent to the group G1-2 jack.
33. Stereo main sound attenuation fader
By adjusting the fader, you can bring the output level to the desired state.
C Mixer output section
34. Stereo Auxiliary Return and Send
This is a variety of effects that can be used to connect from the outside.
35. Stereo output jack (left/right)
These output levels connect the main mix to the outside and connect them to the balanced
output of the amplifier or speaker.
36. Group output jack (G1/2)
The headphone jack can output the signals of the group G1-2, which can be used to connect
the multitrack recorder, external mixer or other Input jack for such devices.
37. Phantom power switch
This switch is suitable for voltage 48V condenser microphones, which will work continuously when the phantom power is turned on. if not Please keep it off.
38. Headphone jack
This is used to monitor the output and all channel side listening signals, press PEL each pulse to form a separate line detection, all Pop up the PEL button and listen to the left and right channels of the main output.
39. Multimedia player storage medium
The multimedia player can use two types of storage media: universal USB flash drive and SD card, but only one of them is selected at the same time to finally The inserted media takes precedence.

D Rear panel section
40. Power switch
When the power switch is turned to the ON position, the whole machine's working power is turned on; when the switch is turned to the OFF position, it will be turned off.
Whole machine power supply.
41. Power outlet
Plug the power cord (220V AC) into the socket to provide working power to the unit. This socket also comes with There are fuses to protect the whole machine
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Q1: How do your factory control quality?

A1: Quality is most important for us. In order to control quality better, we have professional QC. All our products pass inspection by QC before delivery.

Q2: What is your MOQ?

A2: The MOQ for wholesale order is starting at 1pc, for OEM order is starting at 50-100pcs.

Q3: Do you offerOEM & ODM Service?

A3:Yes, from the product design to packaging, our engineers can design exactly as your requirements. Any kind of logo printing or design is available if your order quantity is good

Q4: How can l get the samples ?

A4: Normally, we only supply free samples to our regular clients. For new clients,we can return the sample fee after bulk order placed.

Q5: What's the delivery time for the sample ?

A5: We need 3-4 days for normal samples, 4-6 days or more will if the sample required OEM, and then will be sent via express and arrive in 15days.

Q6: What's the shipment method ?

A6: It could be Ocean shipping. Airtit and Express ( EMS, UPS, DHIL, TNT and FEDEX) . So before placing order please contact us to confirm your preferred shipment method.

Q7: How to pay the money?

A7: For the sample order, we can accept Western Union, Wire transfer or Escrow.But for the Batch order, we support Payment term by T/T (30% deposit in advance,balance 70% before shipment)

Q8: What's the delivery for the order?

A8: 15-20days after the receipt of deposit


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