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Mini 6-Channel Stereo Audio Mixer Mixer Electric Wind/Electric

Mini 6-Channel Stereo Audio Mixer Mixer Electric Wind/Electric

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Do you have 6 groups of musical instruments that need to be mixed and played out on one device at the same time and are troubled by the sound? A powerful mini-style 6-channel mixer can solve the problem of mixing together to sound out at the same time and so on.

The mixer can be a variety of audio sources or musical instruments at the same time mixed on a channel output. Such as electric pipes, electronic guitars, electronic drums, electronic pianos, MP3 players or cell phone music, etc. mixed and output to active speakers or mixers.
The mixer provides six groups of stereo mixing input, can also support mono input, input and output 6.35 interface.
Each group of inputs with independent volume adjustment and mono / dual-channel conversion switch.
Wide range of applications: mixer for most electronic musical instruments mixing, a wide range of applications.
Easy to operate: 1/4 TRS input and output - 6.35mm interface. Each channel has with independent switch button, so that the switch between mono and stereo audio input is more convenient and intuitive.
Power supply: applicable to DC-5V power supply mode, convenient for users to use in a variety of occasions. For example, your charger adapter, rechargeable battery. As long as the voltage is DC5V, 500mA or more current (except for laptop and desktop computers) can power our products.

Material: Metal iron shell
Color: Black
Interface: 6.35mm connector
Power Supply: USB DC-5V
Cable Length: 100cm
Input Impedance: 4.7KΩ 
Output Impedance: 80Ω  
Frequency Response: 10-50kHz  
Distortion: <0.002%  
Output Loss: <0.01dB 
Output Signal Amplification Gain: +16dB  
Signal-to-noise Ratio S/N: >107dB  
Number of Input Channels: 6 groups of stereo input (support 6.35mm mono or dual channel stereo mixed input at the same time)
Number of Output Channels: 1 group of stereo output
Output Volume Adjustment Switch: Each group of inputs with independent volume adjustment and mono stereo switch button
Item Size: 14.5 * 8 * 2.5cm / 5.71 * 3.15 * 0.98in
Item Weight: 350g / 12.35oz
Package Weight: 510g / 17.98oz
Package Size: 20 * 18.5 * 5.5cm / 7.87 * 7.28 * 2.17in

Package List:
1 * 6-Channel Stereo Instrument Mixer
1 * DC-5V Power Adapter
1 * USB Power Cable




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