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Fire Crew PSVANE UK-EL34 UKEL34 Vacuum Tube Upgrade EL34 EL34C 6CA7 6P3P 6L6 HIFI Audio Valve Electronic Tube Amplifier Kit DIY

Fire Crew PSVANE UK-EL34 UKEL34 Vacuum Tube Upgrade EL34 EL34C 6CA7 6P3P 6L6 HIFI Audio Valve Electronic Tube Amplifier Kit DIY

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Brand Name: Fire Crew


Maximum Power Per Channel: NO POWER

Origin: Mainland China

Package: Yes

Channels: 2 (2.0)

Certification: CE

Model Number: UK-EL34

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Brand new Fire Crew PSVANE UK-EL34 UKEL34 Vacuum Tube Upgrade EL34 EL34C 6CA7 6P3P 6L6 for HIFI Audio Valve Electronic Tube Amplifier Kit DIY Factory Precision Tested and Matched Quad

The UK-EL34, UK-KT88 and UK-6SN7 of PSVANE HI-FI series have the highest performance-price ratio in the history of PSVANE:

This is the research and development work of PSVANE European development team that lasted nearly one year. Having experienced the structural anatomy of numerous classical British and Swedish prototype tubes of the same model in different periods, analyzing and copying the materials one by one to achieve the infinite proximity of stability and sound performance, and even several sound proofreading auditions across the ocean, the PSVANE team has always adhered to the artist's keen sense and the craftsman's persistent concept, and has always followed the retro and rigorous manual production:

The three products all use the "moldy screen" screen material with the most British voice charm, and integrate the symbolic music sense of the noble voice and the extremely emotional charm of the voice performance. This will be the most musical vacuum tube at the same price you hear

The shop promises:

The electronic tubes operated by our store are guaranteed to be brand new and high-quality genuine products from the original factory, and we will provide free replacements for any quality problems within one year. All tubes are rigorously tested to match .Buy 2pcs = Precision matched pair. Buy 4pcs = Precision Matched Quad. We have the conditions and advantages to match multiple tubes (four tubes, eight tubes) according to customer needs. The same parameters. It is a professional shockproof and firm package. It is absolutely safe.

Note: The picture parameters are for reference only. It will be shipped after strict inspection again (please do not think it is a fake and shoddy product after receiving the tube).


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