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Fire Crew PSVANE 6V6GT Vacuum Tube Replaces 6V6 CV511 6P6P HIFI Audio Valve Electronic Tube Amplifier Kit DIY Factory Match Quad

Fire Crew PSVANE 6V6GT Vacuum Tube Replaces 6V6 CV511 6P6P HIFI Audio Valve Electronic Tube Amplifier Kit DIY Factory Match Quad

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Brand Name: Fire Crew


Maximum Power Per Channel: NO POWER

Origin: Mainland China

Package: Yes

Channels: 2 (2.0)

Certification: CE

Model Number: 6V6GT

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Brand new Fire Crew PSVANE 6V6GT Vacuum Tube Replaces 6V6 CV511 6P6P for HIFI Audio Valve Electronic Tube Amplifier Kit DIY Factory Precision Tested and Matched Quad

6V6GT: power collector tube. Coated oxide side heating cathode.

UH: 6.3V

IH: 0.45A

Interpolar capacitance:

Gate to screen: G1-P 0.7pF

Input: G1- (H+K+G2+G3) 9.0pF

Output: P - (H+K+G2+G3) 7.5pF T-9

Maximum rated value

Screen voltage: 350V

Curtain grid voltage: 315V

Screen dissipation power: 14W

Dissipated power of curtain grille: 2.2W

Voltage between hot wire and cathode: ± 200V

Gate circuit resistance: 0.1M (fixed bias), 0.5M (self feeding bias)

Typical working characteristics

A1 class amplification

Screen voltage: 315V 180V 250V

Curtain grid voltage: 315V 180V 250V

Gate voltage: -8.5V-12.5V-13V

Peak input voltage: 8.5V 12.5V 13V

Zero signal screen current: 29mA 45mA 39mA

Maximum signal screen current: 30mA 47mA 35mA

Zero signal curtain current: 3mA 4.5mA 2.2mA

Maximum signal grid current: 4.0mA 7.0mA 6.0mA

Plate internal resistance (approximate): 50000 Ω 50000 Ω 80000 Ω

Mutual conductivity: 3700 μ A/V 4100 μ A/V 3750 μ A/V

Load impedance: 5500 Ω 5000 Ω 8500 Ω

Total harmonic distortion: 8%, 8%, 12%

Maximum signal output power: 2.0W 4.5W 5.5W

AB; Class push-pull amplification (two tube values)

Screen voltage: 250V 285V

Curtain grid voltage: 250V 285V

Gate voltage: -1.5V -19V

Peak input voltage (G-G): 30V 38V

Zero signal screen current: 70mA 70mA

Maximum signal screen current: 79mA 92mA

Zero signal curtain current: 5.0mA 4.0mA

Maximum signal grid current: 13.0mA 13.5mA

Load impedance (P-P): 10000 Ω 80000 Ω

Total harmonic distortion: 5% 3.5%

Maximum signal output power: 10W 14W

Three pole connection method

Screen voltage: 250V

Gate voltage: -12.5V

Amplification factor: 9.8

Internal resistance of the plate: 1960 Ω

Mutual conductivity: 5000 μ A/V

Screen current: 49.5mA

Gate voltage: (Ip=0.5mA) -36V

The shop promises:

The electronic tubes operated by our store are guaranteed to be brand new and high quality generic products from the original factory, and we will provide free replacements for any quality problems within 2 years All tubes are rigorously tested to match. Buy 2pcs=Precision matched pair Buy 4pcs=Precision Matched Quad We have the conditions and advantages to match multiple tubes (four tubes, eight tubes) according to customer needs The same parameters It is a professional shockproof and firm package It is absolutely safe

Note: The picture parameters are for reference only It will be shipped after strict inspection again (please do not think it is a fake and show product after receiving the tube)


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