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CX4800 cx3600 Digital Processor Professional Stage Peripheral Equipment 4-in 8-out Digital Audio Processor Splitter Audio Matrix

CX4800 cx3600 Digital Processor Professional Stage Peripheral Equipment 4-in 8-out Digital Audio Processor Splitter Audio Matrix

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Brand Name: TOURYA

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: CX4800

Type: Kits

Technical specification indicators

Analog inputs: 4

Connector: [female]

Type: Electronic balance, RF filtering

Impedance:>50K ohms

Maximum input level: Software options:+28,+26,+24,+22,+20,+18,+16,+14dBu

Common mode rejection ratio: typical value>40dB; 1kHz>55dB

Digital input: 4 AES/EBU channels

Connector: [female]

Type: Transformer isolation, RF filtering

Impedance:>110 ohms

RTA input: 1 analog

Connector: [female] XLR

Type: Electronic balance, RF filtering

Impedance: 30 ohms

Maximum output level: Software options:+24,+22,+20,+12,+8,+4dBu

Digital output: 8 AES/EBU channels

Connector: [male] XLR

Type: Transformer isolation, RF filtering

Impedance:>110 ohms

Analog/Digital Conversion

Type: dbx1v conversion system

Dynamic range: unweighted>114dB, A-weighted>116dB

Dynamic range of dbx1v: transient program, A-weighted, 22Hz bandwidth of 128dB;

Transient program, without weight, with a 22Hz broadband of 126dB

120dB for general programs, A-weighted, and 22Hz broadband.

Sampling frequency: 96kHz

A/D word length: 24bit

Digital/Analog Conversion:

Dynamic range: 112dB without weight; A weighted 115dB

Sampling frequency: 96kHz

D/A word length: 24bit

System performance:

Dynamic range: 112dB without weight, 115dB with A weight

Internal processing: 32dit floating point

Total harmonic distortion+noise: 1kHz, 0dB input gain, typical value of+4dB output: 0.004%

Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz, ± 0.5dB

Cross talk between channels:<-850dB at 1kHz and 0dB input gain


Pre EQ: Each input channel has a 31 segment EQ, which can switch between 31 segment and 9 segment parameter EQ at each input end;

Equalization range: ± 12dB

Input embedding delay processing: Each input has two selectable embedding processing modules

Types: noise, compressor, automatic gain control, hissing cancellation, subharmonic synthesis generator, and advanced feedback suppressor

Input delay length: The maximum delay is 682ms

Routing/mixing: Each output can receive a mix of 4 inputs, allowing any input or mix to be sent to any output

Output embedding processing: Each output has two selectable embedding processing modules

Types: noise gate, automatic harmonic processing, compressor, automatic gain control, peak limiter, subharmonic synthesis generator, advanced feedback suppressor

X-frequency division filter configuration: 1 × 1. 1 × 2. 1 × 3. 1 × 4. 1 × 5. 1 × 6. 1 × 7. 1 × 8. 2 × 2. 2 × 3

two × 4. 2 × 5. 2 × 6. 2 × 7. 2 × 8. 3 × 3. 3 × 4. 3 × 6. 3 × 7. 4 × 4

four × 5. 4 × 8. 6dB, 12dB, 18dB, 24dB Bessel function slope and Botworth slope per octave; Active filters with Lincoln Watts slopes of 12, 24, 36, and 48dB per frequency range.

Phase control: The maximum allocation between output terminals is 1365ms


I/O Transformer: Optional

CobraNet I/O: Option

Controle control: Ethernet RS-232, dbxZC wall panel option

Power requirements: 100V-240V, 50Hz 60Hz, 45W


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