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Audio Signal Distributor Two Into Ten Gold-plated Card Dragon Stage Line Array Performance Multi-amplifier Splitter

Audio Signal Distributor Two Into Ten Gold-plated Card Dragon Stage Line Array Performance Multi-amplifier Splitter

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Brand Name: XGWTH

Origin: Mainland China

Type: Effects Processors

Model Number: K-37

Professional grade signal distributor features:
1. The audio signal distributor is a powerful system enhancement device that uses a chip circuit design with 2 input and 10 output full-flat output/input functions that independently adjust the output level.
2. It can cooperate with your system equipment to make different requirements, so as to ensure that the output signal level is consistent with the input signal, and can reduce and suppress various interference and surge impact in the power grid.
3. To ensure the stability and reliability of the system equipment in signal processing.
4. High-quality gold-plated card mouth: The audio signal distributor uses the card input/output interface, which has high stability, tighter connection and less distortion, and the sound quality is improved by 35%.
5. Switch/Indicator: The audio signal distributor uses SIGNAL1 and SIGNAL2 audio signals to input the red light indicator, STEREO stereo working mode and MONO mono working mode. The template design has a switch self-locking button.
6. Volume adjustment knob: The audio signal distributor has 10 independent adjustment volume knobs, which are made of fine damping, good hand feeling and high sensitivity.
7. Switching power supply module: The audio signal distributor adopts built-in power supply, which is composed of high-pass filter 100-240V switch power supply, which provides sufficient power for the machine and keeps the equipment stable in its electromagnetic environment.
8. Circuit board/socket: The audio signal distributor circuit board adopts high-density fiber structure to ensure stable sound quality transmission. Two card female sockets and ten card-strong male output sockets use two screws. They are fixed in the chassis and are firmly and securely. Not easy to fall off.
Dispenser features:
Input port: XLR card input port (unbalanced)
Output port: XLR card input port (unbalanced)
Volume control: potentiometer 10 output control
Channel switching: stereo/mono button switch
Indication mode: A/B channel source Stereo/Mono
Stereo output: 5-channel stereo
Mono output: 10 channels mono
Input impedance: 50K ohms
Output impedance: 220 ohms
AC voltage: 100-240V/50HZ VAC


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