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Antelope Audio - Zen Tour | 18x26 Thunderbolt Audio Interface

Antelope Audio - Zen Tour | 18x26 Thunderbolt Audio Interface

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About the Product:

      Professional Studio-Quality Recordings - Your recordings will capture every nuance of your performance with exceptional clarity. Desktop 8x14 thunderbolt 3 interface & USB 2.0 Audio Interface for Mac/Windows with 4 discrete preamps, 4 Hi-Z/line inputs and 36 real-time plugins included (Thunderbolt cable not included).

      Crafts Album-Ready Audio Recording - The studio-quality recording path is provided by 4 low-noise high-gain discrete ultra-linear preamps, high-spec AD/DA converters with up to 130 dB for artefact-free recording and signature clocking technology for increased width, separation, and detail in your performances.

      Real-Time Analog-Modeled Plugins - The bundled library of 36 real-time analog-modeled plugins replicates coveted music studio analog gear from around the world. This means you can add vintage warmth, character, and color to your recordings without needing to invest in expensive external hardware.

      Synergy Core Native 1-Year Free Subscription, an ever expanding library of world-class plug-ins that run on Windows & Mac, no hardware required.

      Efficient Plugin Usage - The Zen Tour Synergy Core allows you to load up to 256 plugins simultaneously without overloading your CPU. This enables you to create complex and layered mixes without sacrificing performance or audio quality.

      Abundant I/O Options -The audio interface studio offers versatile I/O options including 4 Hi-Z/line inputs, 8 DC-coupled line outs on DB25, two reamp outs, S/PDIF & ADAT connections, two stereo headphone outs, and a stereo monitor out. This flexibility allows you to connect various instruments, headphones, and monitors simultaneously, making it suitable for multi-instrument recording setups

      Crystal-Clear Podcasts and Voiceovers - Achieve broadcast-quality voiceovers for intros, outros, and advertisements. The Zen Tour Synergy Core 's high-quality preamps and analog-modeled effects enhance your voice's richness and clarity, ensuring your podcast leaves a lasting impression on your listeners.


Product Description


Record your music with Antelope Audio’s 18x26 Desktop Thunderbolt 3 & USB 2.0  Audio Interface with Onboard DSP. With both USB and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, the Zen Tour Synergy Core can fit into any set-up.


Craft Album-Ready Recordings on Your Desktop

The Zen Tour Synrgy Core desktop interface for recording music is all about making it easier for you to effortlessly enter the creative flow and make album-ready recordings. The high-fidelity conversion and sharp transient response of the recording interfaces are typically reserved for professional studios and the workflow possibilities are usually only achievable with complex setups.


Podcaster's Delight: Seamless Multi-Voice Recording

Effortlessly host dynamic discussions and interviews with the Zen Tour Synergy Core. Its versatile inputs ensure pristine multi-voice recording, letting your podcast's content and quality shine, captivating your audience every time.


Record. Produce. Anywhere.

With connectivity options rarely accessible in a unit of this size, you can cover the needs of your small band and connect all your external gear simultaneously.


Deliver High-Resolution Sound

The professional recording path is provided by 4 low-noise high-gain discrete ultra-linear preamps, high-spec AD/DA converters for artefact-free recording and signature clocking technology for increased width, separation and detail in your performances. Studio quality audio reproduction is ensured by a dedicated monitoring converter, The combination of Antelope clocking and DA monitoring converters with 130dB headroom, makes mixing and even mastering in your home studio possible.


Up the Ante with 37 Real-Time Effects Included

The moment you unbox the Zen Tour, you already have access to an effects library with emulations of most coveted and hard-to-find studio analog gear from around the world. The library does not lack in variety – the collection spans from a rare Austrian-born EQ to legendary British solid state processing. Use the effects during live tracking or during post-production to add distinct analog flavor to your mix.


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