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Antelope Audio - Zen Q | 14x10 Thunderbolt Audio Interface

Antelope Audio - Zen Q | 14x10 Thunderbolt Audio Interface

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About the Product


      Optimizes Audio Recording - Experience top-notch audio streaming, recording, playback and low-latency recording with Zen Q Synergy Core thunderbolt 3 interface. Thanks to the advanced audio driver integrated into the XLR audio interface, you can enjoy uninterrupted and high-quality audio performance.

      Bus-Powered/Data Connection - Experience the convenience of a bus-powered audio interface XLR connection for seamless integration with both Mac and Windows devices.

      Professional Sound and Stability - Achieve exceptional audio quality and stability with highly efficient AD/DA converter chips. These recording interfaces proprietary 64-bit AFC (Acoustically Focused Clocking) ensures accurate timing and enhanced sound fidelity for your recordings.

      Synergy Core Native 1-Year Free Subscription, an ever expanding library of world-class plug-ins that run on Windows & Mac, no hardware required.

      Resists Wear and Tear - Our audio recording mixers are designed to withstand the rigors of travel and usage, ensuring longevity and consistent performance even in demanding environments. Thanks to the solid metal housing of these recording interfaces, it enhances the device's durability.

      Analog-Modeled Effects for Creative Freedom - Access 37 included analog-modeled effects and over 50 optional expansions with this interface for recording, empowering you with a wide range of processing options for your audio creations.

      Flexible I/O connectivity, with 8 additional inputs over ADAT, and stereo I/O over S/PDIF

      Crystal-Clear Podcasts and Voiceovers - Achieve broadcast-quality voiceovers for intros, outros, and advertisements. The Zen Q Synergy Core Thunderbolt 3 high-quality preamps and analog-modeled effects enhance your voice's richness and clarity, ensuring your podcast leaves a lasting impression on your listeners.


Product Description


Bring it. Together.

From input to output, the Zen Q XLR Interface for PC is designed to help you grow to a bigger setup without losing the desktop size format. The ultra-linear preamps and pristine AD/DA conversion give you professional quality in the studio or on the go – all in a compact package.


Podcaster's Delight: Seamless Multi-Voice Recording

Effortlessly host dynamic discussions and interviews with the Zen Q Synergy Core Thunderbolt 3. Its versatile inputs ensure pristine multi-voice recording, letting your podcast's content and quality shine, captivating your audience every time.


64-Bit AFC Technology

64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology gives Zen Q efficient AD/DA conversion and spacious stereo image with distinct separation.


Loopback Function for Streaming

For a convenient online broadcasting setup, use loopback capabilities for streaming and recording OS/DAW playback and interface inputs simultaneously.


Session Recall

Enhance your workflow by customizing and saving session presets, then recall them from the hardware effortlessly.


Flexibility All I/O, All the Time

With its pairs of headphone outputs, preamps, and instrument inputs, the Zen Q audio interface studio was built with collaboration in mind. Flexible routing and switchable inputs unlock a wealth of possible setups. Four simultaneous Hi-Z instruments and two pairs of monitors? No problem. Four balanced analog outboard inserts? You got it.


Synergy Core Collection Real-Time Onboard FX

Powered by the Synergy Core, the Zen Q comes with a selection of 37 analog-modeled effects, with many more available in our Software Store. This ultra-low latency processing is entirely run within the interface on a unique combo of FPGA and DSP chips, at no extra cost to your computer’s CPU or memory. This means you can record and monitor voice and instruments through real-time models of effects and guitar amps, from classic gear to rare gems.


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