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Antelope Audio - Axino recording system | Podcast microphone

Antelope Audio - Axino recording system | Podcast microphone

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      Compact All-in-One Solution - The Axino Synergy Core combines a condenser microphone and audio interface into a single compact USB device. This eliminates the need for multiple separate pieces of equipment, making it a convenient solution for recording, streaming, podcasting, and more.

      High-Quality Sound Capture - The large diaphragm capsule and gold-sputtered membrane of our studio microphone ensure accurate sound capture, preserving the original sound's integrity with a flat frequency response. This condenser microphone large diaphragm results in professional-level audio quality.

      10 Synergy Core Effects Included - Specially made to enrich your recordings, Axino Synergy Core comes bundled with 10 Synergy Core effects. Our microphone condenser includes compressors, EQs, preamps, and dynamic processors. These effects are modeled after iconic studio gear, enabling you to achieve a radio-ready sound.

      Variety of Custom Mic Emulations - With Antelope Audio's unique Modeling Engine, you gain access to 18 onboard microphone emulations. This condenser microphones allow you to experiment with different microphone characteristics, enhancing the versatility of your recordings.

      Advanced AD/DA Conversion - Our vocal microphone utilizes 24-bit, 192 kHz AD/DA conversion powered by proprietary 64-bit AFC clocking technology. This ensures high-resolution audio quality for your recordings.

      Crystal-Clear Podcasts and Voiceovers - Achieve broadcast-quality voiceovers for intros, outros, and advertisements. The Axino Synergy Core's high-quality preamps and analog-modeled effects enhance your voice's richness and clarity, ensuring your podcast leaves a lasting impression on your listeners.


Product Description


Elevate your recordings to new heights with Antelope Audio’s Axino Synergy Core Condenser Microphone


All-in-One Recording System in a USB Microphone

Recording like the pros no longer requires an entire rack of expensive gear. The Axino Synergy Core recording & stage microphones combine the best of several devices in one recording system, that needs just a USB cable connected to a computer to achieve studio sound. It delivers high-resolution audio capture and allows you to record and stream with iconic microphone models and studio effects, as well as popular favorites like Antares’ Auto-Tune.


Podcaster's Delight: Seamless Multi-Voice Recording

Effortlessly host dynamic discussions and interviews with the Axino Synergy Core. Its versatile inputs ensure pristine multi-voice recording, letting your podcast's content and quality shine, captivating your audience every time.


Audiophile-grade D/A Converter

The HP output is backed by an audiophile-grade converter with 124dB of headroom ensuring high-fidelity audio playback.


Studio-Grade Conversion and Clocking

The high-resolution converters and award-winning 64-bit AFC clocking capture sound that is true to the source.


18 Microphone Emulations Included

The Axino Synergy Core uses Antelope Audio's Studio Microphones Modeling Engine, which allows you to record with virtual recreations of classic microphones. It comes with 18 emulations of dynamic, tube, and FET condenser microphones to record and monitor in real-time.


10 Synergy Core Effects Included

The Axino Synergy Core comes bundled with 10 effects specially chosen to enrich any recording. Within the bundle you get compressors, EQs, preamps and dynamic processors that were modeled after iconic studio gear, making them perfect for achieving the ultimate radio-ready sound.


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