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AIYIMA Upgraded 6A2 Tube Preamplifier Amplifiers HiFi Preamp Bile Buffer Audio Amp Speaker Sound Amplifier Home Theater DIY

AIYIMA Upgraded 6A2 Tube Preamplifier Amplifiers HiFi Preamp Bile Buffer Audio Amp Speaker Sound Amplifier Home Theater DIY

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Brand Name: Aiyima

Maximum Power Per Channel: NO POWER

Origin: Mainland China

Package: Yes

Channels: 2 (2.0)

Certification: CE

Product description:

This product is a tube pre-amplifier and needs to be connected to an active speaker or power amplifier.

It cannot directly connect speakers and passive speakers, headphones, phono amplifiers, cars.

Product name: tube preamplifier

Tube: 6A2(The tube is disassembled)

Power supply: DC12-16V, current 1A or more (DC12V 1.5A supply power is recommended)(without supply power)

Power socket: DC3.5/5.5*2.1

Product support replace tube: 6J1 6J2 6J3 6J4 6J5 6A2 6K4 6K5 6AK5 6AU6 6BA6 6BD6 EF93 6K7 GE5654 etc.

Pre-stage magnification: voltage magnification 5 times

Pre-stage frequency response: 5HZ-500KHZ

Pre-level sensitivity: 3V

Audio input: low-level signal input such as mobile phone, CD, computer, TV, MP3, etc.

Audio output: connect to power amplifier or active speakers

Size: 87*75MM


The tube preamp is a class A amplification state.. It is recommended to use shielded wire for the signal wire. Common wires may cause leakage or noise.

The high-fidelity lift can be adjusted freely, and the three-gear adjustment with a wave switch.

The switch on the far left is "Hi-Fi."

Switch in the centre is "Boost 1".

The switch on the far right is "Boost 2."


1. If the signal line is not shielded or the power supply is not well filtered, noise may be generated. It is recommended to use shielded wires and a clean power supply for testing.

2. The tube buffer is amplified by about 5 times. The pre-amp has an amplification function, which is connected between the audio source, the pre-amp and the power amplifier. The noise from the audio source is amplified, so please use a good audio source to test.

Package included:

1Pcs 6A2Tube Preamp(optional)(without supply power)


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