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AIYIMA A07 MAX TPA3255 Audio Power Amplifier 2.0 Stereo Amplify 300Wx2 PBTL Mono Sound Amplifier 600W Home Speaker Amplificador

AIYIMA A07 MAX TPA3255 Audio Power Amplifier 2.0 Stereo Amplify 300Wx2 PBTL Mono Sound Amplifier 600W Home Speaker Amplificador

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Brand Name: Aiyima

Maximum Power Per Channel: Above 200W

Origin: Mainland China

Package: Yes

Channels: 2 (2.0)

Certification: CE

Model Number: TPA3255 Amplifier

Stereo output: 300Wx2

Mono output: 600W

Amplifier IC: TPA3255

Model : AIYIMA

Product name:A07 MAX TPA3255 Power Amplifier

Stereo Max Output Power
(switch stereo mode):
300Wx2 / 4Ω

Mono Max Output Power
(switch mono mode):
600W/ 2Ω

(R+ connect to speaker +, L+ connect to speaker -)

Working Voltage:
DC24-48V,5A or more

Replaceable Op-Amp Chips:OPA2604AP, OPA2134, MUSEO1/02/03, LME49720NA, LM4562, AD827AQ, etc

AUX OUT: active subwoofer or power amplifier

3.5mm AUX OUT as output connect to next amplifier without volume control



Input sensitivity:1V

AUX Maximum Output level:1V

Frequency response 20Hz-20KHz(±1dB)

Package included:

1Pcs A07 MAX

1Pcs Power Adapter (Optional)

Q: All my cables are connected, but there is no sound output?

A: 1. Check if the machine has started and if the indicator light is on.

2. Is the selection of mono/stereo mode and the connection of the speaker interface correct.

3. If the above two points are normal, check whether the playback device of the input sound

source is paused, muted, or the volume is at the minimum.

Q: Why is the sound distorted?

A: The input level may be too large. If the volume of the sound source equipment is adjusted

to the maximum, and the volume of the machine is also adjusted to the maximum, it is

easy to be distorted. At this time, turn down the volume of the sound source input device

or machine.

Q: Why does the volume of the machine remain the same, but the sound level

is different when connecting to different audio sources (for example,

connect a CD first, then a mobile phone)?

A: The amplitude of electrical signals output by different playback devices is different. For

example, mobile phones are usually 0.35V, while CDs are 1V. The natural sound size is


Q: Why does the horn emit a loud electrical current sound or buzzing sound?

A: 1. If you are not using the original standard power supply, please replace the power supply

and test again.Many power supplies in the market have interference, which will cause

current sound.

2. When the signal line without shielding is used, there will be interference signals entering

the power amplifier for amplification. It is recommended that you replace the signal line

with shielding.

3. There is still noise after troubleshooting the above two points,Please confirm the noise

is from the external or the internal. Disconnect all inputs, only retain the power supply

and output cable, if the noise disappears, that means the noise is from the audio input.

If the noise is still there, the noise may be caused by interference with the power supply

or generated inside the amplifier

Q: Why there is no sound or very little sound after the amplifier is connected

to the speaker?

A: 1. Please check the audio source has been turned on and the volume is not at the minimum.

2. Please confirm whether the speaker and amplifier match ( For example, the speaker is

fixed resistance or fixed voltage, the power of speaker is too much over the power of the

amplifier etc).

Q: What are the reasons for the unbalanced left and right volume of the s

peakers and how to eliminate them?

A: Please check audio source, input cable, volume potentiometer (some amplifiers have

balanced control or separate volume control of left and right channel ), speaker cable,

speakers (whether the position and the distance is symmetrical) and other factors.

Q: Why is there a thumping sound when swithing on/off?

A: Please confirm the on-off sequence is correct, normally it follows the order of signal

transmission when turn on: audio source → preamp / DAC → amplifier → speaker. (The

sequence is reversed when switching off. As the internal capacitors will be discharged for a

while after shutdown. If turn off the preamp firstly and then turn off amplifier, impact

sound will be easily caused which may damage the amplifier or speaker in severe cases).



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