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AIYIMA 2PCS GE 5654W GE5654 Vacuum Tube Valve Vacuum Electronic Tube Upgrade For 6J1 6m1 6AK5 6J1P EF95 Pairing Audio Amplifiers

AIYIMA 2PCS GE 5654W GE5654 Vacuum Tube Valve Vacuum Electronic Tube Upgrade For 6J1 6m1 6AK5 6J1P EF95 Pairing Audio Amplifiers

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Brand Name: Aiyima

Maximum Power Per Channel: NO POWER

Origin: Mainland China

Package: Yes

Channels: 2 (2.0)

Certification: NONE

Model Number: 5654 tube

Type: tube amplifier

Product description:

The American GE 5654W is a brand new tube produced in the 1960s in the same batch in the original box. The sound is all-round soft, delicate, and noisy. The tubes are precisely matched.

Brand new originalJAN-5654W, Jun-level audio tube produced by American GE company, which can be directlyupgraded to replace 6J1/EF95/CV4010/6AK5/CV403A/CV403B/6m1. The sound is transparent and mellow, the sound is strong, and the high and low frequency extension is excellent. The high frequency is slender and beautiful, the middle frequency is full of magnetism, and the low frequency is deep and flexible. It is an upgrade replacement for domestic 6J1 and Russian 6m1. It can also directlyreplace 403A/403B/EF95 and ordinary 5654/6J1.Big circle, reinforced mica, green powder word + frosted word printing mark.

This is an absolute courage, absolutely true. GE/5654W is military-regulated, a brand new single box, very rare! It is more durable than the general second-hand ordinary 5654!

The reputation of GE/5654W is second only to the 403 of Xidian WE. The low frequency control of the high school is very good, the charm is very attractive, and it is very durable. Many high-end equipment use this bile to adjust the sound, which shows that its status is quite high. There will be different levels of improvement after using this gall, and the most important thing is that this gall will make you more and more tasteful and enjoy the most wonderful music.

Substitute for 7-pin 6AK5/6AK5W/6Zh1P/6J1/6J1P tubes. It can also directly replace WE-403A/403B/EF95 and ordinary 5654. In addition, it can upgrade the sound of 6J2/6J3/6J4/6J5.

Note:Replacing the wrong type of tube may damage your amplifier or preamp. If you are not sure this 5645W can be used as a replacement for your audio device, please check with your amplifier or preamp manufacturer.

Package included:

1 Pair(2PCS) JAN-5654W Vacuum Tube


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