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12V 120AH 100AH 80AH LiFePO4 Battery 12v lifepo4 battery100AH,120ah,80ah battert 12v Lithium iron phosphate battery 12v lithium

12V 120AH 100AH 80AH LiFePO4 Battery 12v lifepo4 battery100AH,120ah,80ah battert 12v Lithium iron phosphate battery 12v lithium

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Brand Name: NYDPP

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Size: 275*235*165mm

Weight: 7-10kg

Nominal Capacity: 12V80AH,100AH,120AH

Type: Lifepo4

Voltage: 12.8v

12V 120AH 100AH 80AH Battery(Optional Bluetooth BMS)

EU buyers please note:
The following types of batteries are shipped from EU warehouses, while other types of batteries are shipped directly from China.

12V80AH: from EU shiping
12V80AH-Bluetooth: from EU shiping (Ship from EU warehouse around December 20th)

12V100AH : from EU shiping
12V100AH-Bluetooth: from EU shiping

12V120AH: from EU shiping
12V120AH-Bluetooth: from EU shiping (Ship from EU warehouse around December 20th)

Logistics time (direct delivery from China) :
1. European Union: 45-60 days.
2. Russia: 30-50 days.
3. US/Canada: 45-60 days.
4. Japan: 20-30 days.

About customs duties and other taxes:
Except for buyers whose delivery address is France (French buyers need to pay VAT directly), buyers from other countries do not need to pay any other fees such as customs duties.

About "-Bluetooth" in the purchase options:
"-Bluetooth" means that the battery is equipped with a Bluetooth BMS (all batteries are built-in BMS), you can connect to the APP on the phone through this Bluetooth, you can check the working status of the battery and control the battery charging and discharging from the APP, thank you!

Technical Parameters

Rated capacity: 12V120AH,100AH,80AH(Optional Bluetooth BMS)

1. Battery cell type: LiFePO4 battery

2. Weight:

12V 80AH: about 6.2kg
12V 100AH: about 8kg
12V 120AH: about 9kg

3. Size: 275*235*165 mm(120ah,100ah,80ah is of this size)

4. Nominal voltage: 12.8V

5. Operating voltage range: 12v(10V~ 14.6V)

6. Maximum charging current: 30A

7. Charging voltage: 14.6V

8. Continuous discharge current:
12V 80AH:≤100A (with 100A BMS)
12V 80AH-bluetooth: ≤80A (with 80A Bluetooth BMS)
12V 100AH: ≤100A (with 100A BMS)
12V 100AH-bluetooth: ≤80A (with 80A Bluetooth BMS)
12V 120AH:≤100A (with 100A BMS)
12V 120AH-bluetooth: ≤80A(with 80A Bluetooth BMS)

9 Instantaneous discharge current: ≤ 160A

10. Service life: more than 3000 cycles

11. Operating environment: 0 ~ 45℃
(charging), -20 ~ 60℃ (discharging)

12. Battery storage period: 90% power
(6 months)

13. Battery warranty: 12 months (free warranty)

Accessories and gifts display

10A charger with European standard or American standard or the British standard or Australia standard plug (according to buyer's national standards).

1. Charging voltage: 14.6V
2. Charging current: 10A
3. Input voltage: 100v-240v

NOTE: The red indicator light indicates that the charging is in progress, and the green indicator light indicates that the charging is completed.

Interface Introduction

Note: all interfaces can be charged and discharged!

① Charging socket (GX16,3-pin airhead)
This interface is used by the charger to charge the battery, Its overcurrent is less than 10A.

② Waterproof plug (20A,LD20)
Its generally used to connect low-power load equipment such as fish detector. Its overcurrent is less than 20A.

③ Anderson plug (50A)
Anderson plug (50a specification) is mainly used to connect low-power electric motor( below 600W). Its overcurrent is less than 50A

④⑤ 8mm terminal (Discharge/charge interface)
Its overcurrent is less than 150A.
Suitable for connection with 8 mm diameter copper nose.

⑥ USB3.0/PD
It can charge electronic and digital products such as mobile phones and Notebook computer.

⑦ Display
It can display voltage, power percentage and temperature.

Please note:
The percentage of electricity displayed on this display is inaccurate. When using it, you need to estimate the remaining electricity according to the voltage.
1. The power of 12V LiFePO4 battery is concentrated between 12.2v-13.2v. When the voltage is lower than 12V, BMS will soon cut off the battery output.
2. When charging, the indicator light of the charger changes from red to green to indicate full charge.


Boat propeller battery, Camper/scooter, golf trolley/carts, power tools...

Inverter, Solar and wind power system, RV, caravan...

Back-up system and UPS...

Torch LED light emergency light.

Battery cell type

Adopts large single high power LiFePO4 battery. The current output is more stable and stronger.
LiFePO4 battery have higher safety, longer service life and a wider operating temperature range.

Built-in BMS

Our batteries are equipped with a BMS and an active equalizer.
(Bluetooth BMS can be selected in the purchase option)

Built in Bluetooth BMS (battery management system, functions)
1. over charge protection. 2. over current protection. 3. over voltage protection
4. discharge protection. 5. short circuit protection. 6. over power protection.
7. temperature protection.

About Bluetooth BMS features:
By connecting to the BMS of the battery through this APP, we can check the working status of the battery (battery voltage, current, voltage of each battery cell) on the APP, and also control the discharge and charging of the battery on the APP.

Please note:
The BMS image in the figure below is for reference only, we may change the BMS supplier, so the appearance of the BMS may be different.

Better service

Contact the seller, know more products information.
Capacity and output interface can be customized.

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Shipping & Returns


Care Instructions

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