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Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings Nanoweb Phosphor 16027 16052 Electric Guitar 12052 Musical Instrument Accessories Free Shipping

Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings Nanoweb Phosphor 16027 16052 Electric Guitar 12052 Musical Instrument Accessories Free Shipping

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Brand Name: Orphee

Origin: Mainland China

Plug Type: none

Type: Strings

Model Number: Guitar String

Product Description:

1:These Elixir Strings capture the sweet spot of that unique  and extend it  3-5 x longer than conventional strings.
2:This means you buy fewer sets of strings change them less often and trust that your guitar is ready to go when you are.
3:   Available in both Acoustic and Electric all strings feature  Elixir Strings patented NANOWEB® or POLYWEB® coating and Anti-Rust plated       plain steel technology.
4:   Elixir Strings is the only string that coats the entire string and not just the wrap wire This prevents corrosion and contamination from              accumulating on the surface and most importantly from collecting in the space between the winding's.
5:   With a vision to change the world one set at a time we set out to develop the cure for the common string Strings that deliver great tone        for a really long time Strings that stay feeling clean and smooth Strings that always inspire you to play.
6:   After experiencing Elixir® Strings it’s hard to go back to the old way of life Sure the need to buy fewer sets of strings saves you money.

7:   Please take note that these are not authentic strings and are offered for beginner guitarists looking for more budget-friendly alternatives.

Package Included:
1 pcs * guitar string

11002 : GUAGE 010,.014,.023,.030,.039,.047
11027 : GUAGE 011,.015,.022,.032,.042,.052
11052 : GUAGE 012,.016,.024,.032,.042,.053
16002 : GUAGE 010,.014,.023,.030,.039,.047
16027 : GUAGE 011,.015,.022,.032,.042,.052
16052 : GUAGE 012,.016,.024,.032,.042,.053
16077 : GUAGE 012,.016,.024,.035,.045,.056
16102 : GUAGE 013,.017,.026,.035,.045,.056
12002 : GUAGE 009,.011,.016,.024,.032,.042
12052 : GUAGE 010,.013,.017,.026,.036,.046
12077 : GUAGE 010,.013,.017,.032,.042,.052

11000 : GUAGE 010,.014,.023,.030,.039,.047
11025 : GUAGE 011,.015,.022,.032,.042,.052
12000 : GUAGE 009,.011,.016,.024,.032,.042
12050 : GUAGE 010,.013,.017,.026,.036,.046
19002 : GUAGE 009,.011,.016,.024,.032,.042
19052 : GUAGE 010,.013,.017,.026,.036,.046



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