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Class A HIFI Tube Power Amplifier Single-ended High Power VU Level Meter Indication Vintage Audiophile Tube Power Amplifier

Class A HIFI Tube Power Amplifier Single-ended High Power VU Level Meter Indication Vintage Audiophile Tube Power Amplifier

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Voltage (V)


Brand Name: Nobsound

Maximum Power Per Channel: 6w

Origin: Mainland China

Package: Yes

Channels: 2 (2.0)

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Feature 1: hifi amplifier

Feature 2: audiophile

Feature 3: tube integrated amplifier

Feature 4: power amplifier

Feature 5: tube preamp

Feature 6: tube amp

Feature 7: preamplifier

Feature 8: amplifier

Feature 9: integrated amplifier

Feature 10: subwoofer amplifier

Feature 11: amplifiers

Feature 12: tube amplifier

Feature 13: hifi amplifier

Feature 14: stereo amplifier

Feature 15: vacuum tube

Feature 16: audio amplifier

Feature 17: amplifier audio

Pure Class A high-quality single-ended tube amplifier

The product can be modified to increase 4Ω output. After the modification, the product supports 4Ω/8Ω output. The modification cost is 5$. Please contact customer service if you need it.

Support to add headphone output interface, the installation cost is 6 US dollars

Product Description

1. M2c adopts Sugon fever bile duct, the models are: Sugon 6P1*4 and Sugon 6N8P*2 and Sugon 5Z4P*1, choose the upgraded version of the bile duct to replace Sugon 6N8P with Soviet Union 6H8C, and use manual scaffold welding to reduce current loss and The authenticity of transmission between electronic components greatly improves the reproduction of sound quality.

2. M2C uses the transformer parallel output technology, which reduces the internal resistance of the transformer by half compared with the previous amplifier. It has excellent control of the speaker, doubled the power, and maintains the advantage of Class A single-ended. The flavor is durable and the bass is deep and powerful.

3. Use BC sapphire HIFI capacitor, 150μ F450V high voltage capacitor.

4. Multi-layer baking varnish shields the transformer's magnetic shield, which effectively shields current interference signals and obtains lower noise. There are almost no earphones under normal listening distance.
Make the sound more comfortable and natural, and the human voice is soft, sweet and intoxicating.

5. The replaceable three-pin plug is used as the power input, which is convenient for enthusiasts to upgrade the power cord in the future to provide relative convenience and expand the upgrade space.

6. The headphone output interface can be added for your personality. The tube amplifier has the function of amp. The transformation time is 3-5 days and the cost is $6 (with a 6.5mm to 3.5mm headphone connector included)

7. Provide Soviet 6H8C instead of Suguang 6N8P electronic bile duct, the sound is softer and more delicate, the cost is $8.

8. Provide an increase of 4Ω output impedance (the prototype is 8Ω output) after the increase, it can be used with 4Ω or 8Ω speaker impedance

Product parameter
Model: M2c
Rated output power: 6.8W*2
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Input impedance: 100KΩ
Output impedance: 8Ω (replaceable)
Signal to noise ratio: 90dB
Input sensitivity: 500mv-2000mv
Harmonic distortion: 1% (1KHz)
Size: 260*215*150mm

Normal version of the bile duct: Dawn 5Z4P*1+Dawn 6N8P*2+Dawn 6P1*4
Upgraded bile duct: Dawn 5Z4P*1+Soviet 6H8C*2+Dawn 6P1*4

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